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Online or Face-to-Face Sessions for Flying Anxiety

Access your personal, customised therapy sessions from anywhere - your home, workplace or hotel - using Skype, or if you are staying close to our clinic in Perthshire then have your sessions facefear of flying course scotland or online-to-face. In both cases you will receive guidance and instruction to utilise all the psychological tools and technical knowledge for an anxiety-free flight. If you are attending a face-to-face session you can also receive personalised hypnotherapy, but don't worry - either way you get ALL the therapy you need for success. Online sessions can be arranged to suit you and your schedule - the package allows for 5 hours of therapy which we can deliver in either three or four Skype sessions. Face-to-face therapy is normally delivered over three sessions.
PRICE: £180 / 5 hours

Add-on an Accompanied Flight (Edinbugh,Glasgow or Aberdeen Airports)

Still feeling slightly apprehensive? Follow your therapy sessions with a short commercial airline flhelp for nervous flyersight accompanied by your therapist, who will talk you through the whole process from check-in, boarding, take-off and cruise to landing and the return trip. Technical explanations will be provided when required plus you have the reassurance of knowing that your psychological wellbeing will be taken care of at all times.
PRICE: dependent upon requirements - please enquire

Have a go at Flying Yourself! (Dundee Airport)

Now if you really want to increase your technical knowledge and boost your confidence, how about piloting yourself? In partnership with Tayside Aviation at Dundee Airport you can add to your package hands-on flying in a jet simulator and / or a real flight in a light aircraft! These flight experience courses are easily accessible to clients with a flying anxiety located in Perth, Dundee, Angus and Fife. Under the personalfear of flying course at Dundee airport supervision of Managing Director James Watt, Tayside Aviation (a long-established and CAA-accredited Flight Training Organisation) offers a customised ‘fear of flying’ course that can (depending upon the client's requirements) consist of the following: A briefing by an experienced pilot concerning the principles of flight and commercial flight operations during which all your technical questions are answered and any misunderstandings dealt with. A practical session in a jet simulator during which the operation of the aircraft is demonstrated and you take the controls to fly and (if you want) land the plane! If you are planning a particular journey, the simulator can be programmed to fly on that route and land at your destination airport. It’s enormous fun and a tremendous boost to your understanding and confidence. An air experience flight in a light aircraft around the local area where, if you wish, you can take the controls for real! Once again, your therapist will accompany you throughout.
PRICE: dependent upon requirements - please enquire

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